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Tinting & Shaping


All Tints and Perms must have a patch test 24Hrs prior to treatment


Brow Tidy (Pluck) / £10

Brow Wax / £11.00 (Under 13's / £6)

Brow Thread / £16

Brow Tint / £15

Brow Tint & Wax / £22

Brow & Lash Tint + Wax / £32

'HD' Brows

HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment that is totally tailored to you – not a brow stencil in sight. It’s so much more than a standard eyebrow tint and wax; our expertly trained stylist combine a unique design formula with custom-blended colour, hair removal and make up application for brows that suit you. Our stylist works with you to create your perfect look, whether your wish to tame bushy brows or regrow overplucked eyebrows.

'HD' Brows / £45

Hybrid Brow Tinting

For a longer lasting tint we have 'Hybrid' Brow Tint, lasting between 7-14 days this tint gives a stronger and defined finish to your brows! This treatment includes, shaping and tint.

Henna Brow Tint with Wax / £35


‘Indulgence Brows’

Including Plucking, Tinting, Waxing and Threading this procedure transforms your eyebrows into the perfect shape

Indulgence Brows / £35

Indulgence Brows with Hybrid / £45

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination involves straightening and lifting the hairs using a chemical solution, which allows the hairs to have more flexibility to move them into your desired shape, therefore covering any gaps or stray areas.

After your natural brow hairs are straightened, a fixing solution is applied to keep the hairs straight, as well as a tint if desired. The result is fuller-looking brows that stay in place when brushed into shape, lasting around six weeks

Brow lamination / £40

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